The Intention

Be inspired and act!

Fighting religions -
wars motivated by religious belief

The differences between spiritual traditions - without being considerate of the source of wisdom existing in the essence of each one - lead to distinctions and splitting. Combined with pretension of power and the claim of possessing the 'one and only truth', this point of view finally implies brutal wars as we see in our time.

"After I had studied the most important religions, as far as it was possible for me, I had the idea, that there must exist a principle key, which could disclose the unity, the source of all religions, as long as it is useful and necessary to discover a community. This key is truth and nonviolence ...
As long as we do not realize the essential unity, religious wars will never come to an end

Mahatma Gandhi, Harijan, 1940

Today, in times of destructive forces threatening the world, people long for unity and peace. In consideration of recent events of terror and violence the UNITHEUM as a symbol for unity and peace between religions has become more urgent than ever before. It's absolutely essential to bring the need for mutual understanding and solidarity with one another into the consciousness of human beings. If these thoughts will become our steady companions to help us inspire the believers of fighting sects and religions to meet each other in this spirit, the vision of a loving human family will come true.

"The new vision,
arising in our contemporary world, is dynamic and continually unfolding in a multitude of centers, but united by a deep common perspective...
It embraces the maximum unfolding of each individual within communities founded on awakened justice, the beauty of difference, spiritual liberty, equality of opportunity and democratic principles. It recognizes that within the larger community of being all things have a unique place and contribution.

Vilayat Inayat Khan

The center UNITHEUM with its activities
as a sense and peace establishing contribution

For an answer to the longing of human beings for love, harmony and beauty, a sacred place will be created by building the UNITHEUM, in which the Only Being, venerated in various names, will be adored in common worship, celebrated in respect for the different spiritual traditions. Worship in this sense has been celebrated for more than 80 years now, but to our knowledge the UNITHEUM with this concept is unique in the world so far. We wish it could be a landmark which will lead the way to the future. It is a European project with international participation.

As the German President Dr. Johannes Rau said at the turn of the Millennium:
This Millennium will be a religious one or none.