Dear ladies and gentlemen of different faiths,

Nepal, the land of Everest, a beautiful Himalayan kingdom has become a place of restlessness, violence and terror. Unfortunately, the late king Birendra, a popular king, who proposed the Zone of Peace himself died from the bullets and the nation is suffering from violence since last 8 years.

The fate is often so shocking and it is a mere incidence, the birthplaces of Buddha the messengers of Peace, are suffering from terror and violence for years. And why should pacifist like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Birendra, etc. should be the victim of violence? The ongoing violence in Nepal has already claimed more than ten thousand lives and has made hundreds of thousands of people especially women and children homeless or compelled them to migrate inside or outside the country. The people are living in terror and there is no peace and security in the country which you all are aware of. The destruction of public property and the expenditure on security has become a real burden for the poor country like Nepal. The economy of country is not satisfying. Tourism and business sector are facing severe crisis. Developmental process has been stalled. Students have become victims and the educational process is not in a state to run regularly. The violence and terror has crossed its limitations and its influence can hardly be exaggerated.

On the one hand the security is deployed against Maoists and on the other hand the political parties are protesting on almost daily basis. This has created a stalemate. National Consensus, the word is used often but the political parties have made it mayhem. Let us request to all the parties concerned may it be king, political parties or Maoists to come to the negotiation table and find a peaceful solution.

I would like to invite and request all organizations, trade unions, professionals, human right organizations and activists, pacifists, business organizations, national and international non-governmental organizations, UN, International organizations, foreign diplomats and friendly countries of Nepal, students, teachers, workers, writers, journalists, politicians and the rest of the civil society to organize Peace March, Rally or create pressure from your side and play a vital role for peaceful solution of the present conflict and let us wish may it be at the earliest possible. I would like to request you to join the Peace Campaign by signing the online petition from your side and even your organization. I cordially ask you to sign the guestbook or send a message and support the Campaign. Please try to send this message to your colleagues and friends and people you have contact and be a part of the Campaign. Let us join our hands for peace and common good of Nepal. Let us save Nepal from further deterioration and ensure our future safe.

Sincerely, Sushil Koirala


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