Excerpt from the statutes of the association UNITHEUM e.V.
May, 9th, 2009


Name, seat and financial year

(1)  The name of the association is "Unitheum (registered association, e.V.)".
(2)  The seat of the association is Bad Zwischenahn.
(3)  The financial year is the calendar year.
(4)  The association is registered in the competent register of associations.

§ 2
Purpose, non-profit character

(1)  The purpose and the most important idea is,

       -  to create and to maintain a place of consciousness to the common ethic of world-religions, to make people think in a new manner of a peaceful co-operation of all religious persuasions;
       -  to promote an exchange of ideas, a communication and the peaceful coexistence of people of all world-religions;
       -  to contribute to the peace of people, nations, ethnics and religions by promotion of tolerance, respect, sympathy and loving one's neighbour by activity, how its correspond to the ideals of all world-religions and to humanism;
       -  to promote a sense of responsibility for the emerging unity of humanity in appreciation of its diversity.

      The association is non-party and non-denominational.

(2)  The association wants to realise these aims inparticularly by

       -  erecting a sacred building and organising and celebrating universal worships in it, in which the utmost ideal of each special religion will be venerated - with the aim to promote the respect and the understanding of the different religious persuasions;
       -  creating and supporting a community centre for information and exchange of ideas and opinions for people of all religions, but also for people without any denomination;
       -  organising universal worships, seminars, congresses, meditations, concerts and much more according the statutory purposes;
       -  organising and offering spiritual welfare;
       -  establishing a library with the Scriptures of all world-religions and literature which contribute to deeper understanding of them.

(3)  The association has exclusive non-profit purposes according to the chapter "tax-privileged purposes" of the fiscal code.

(4)  The association is unselfishly active. First and foremost it has no self-economical purposes. The financial means of the association ought only to be used for statuary purposes. The members do not receive money from the financial means of the association. It is not allowed to favour persons by granting considerations which are not in line with the association's purpose or by granting extremely high remunerations.


(1)  Every artificial person, who has completed his/her eighteenth year and agrees to support and to promote the purpose and aims of the association ( 2) can become full member of the association.

(2) The supporting membership can be granted to every artificial and juristic person. Supporting members do not have the right to vote. The contributions to be paid by supporting members are agreed in each case with the council. ...