The Unity of Religion
Short Quotations
What is the meaning of Universal Worship?
Words by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Unity - Truth - Temple - Community
Texts from the Scriptures of various religions

The celebration of the

was born of an inspiration of the Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan. It is a journey through the emotions of the great world religions, with the intention to enable people of all different faiths - those too, who are not united with a certain religion - for coming together in memory of the unity of all Being. By doing this, the special beauty and the uniqueness of each religion will be appreciated,- its Holy Scripture, its prayers and the holy hymns - and at the same time the spirit of unity will be alive, the common source from which all religions have come:

the only God, the only Truth.

'All the different religions are the different notes,
and when they are arranged together
they make music.'

The Universal Worship does not intend to create a new religion, and it neither aims at uniformity nor syncretism of the existing religions. Every believer can be faithful to his own religious perspective and at the same time may experience a peaceful communion with believers of different orientations. In this sense of unity the Universal Worship was already celebrated world-wide since decades.