A house of God in which believers of all the different religions may come together and take part in a Universal Worship in order to adore the supreme ideal of each individual religion or spiritual tradition in all it's names and forms - with the intention to promote the spirit of respect and of understanding for the different religious persuasions..

    Truth is the end and the aim of all being ... and all worlds were such formed, that Truth can come and live in it. Truth can't be formed. Truth is one and the same; and only Truth can heal our sufferings and give peace to our restlessness.
    Truth is eternal and will last, as well when heaven and earth will pass.
    There are not many different truths in the world, because Truth is one and the same, at all times and in all places.
    The teaching of Buddha


A meeting place to exchange ideas and share reflection for people from different spiritual traditions to promote a new way of thinking and peaceful cooperation of all religious faiths for the welfare of humanity.

    It is not necessary to have a uniform religion, but the mutual respect and tolerance* between the believers of the different religions. What is worth to strive for, isn't the dull homogeneity of thoughts, but the unity in variety.
    Every attempt to extinguish the traditions, which derive from a common inheritance and are a result of climate and environment, is not only doomed to failure, but it is a sacrilege.

    *Tolerance is not indifference to your own faith
    but deeper understanding of it, pure love.

    Mahatma Gandhi


A contribution to the peace of peoples, nations, ethnics and religions- by supporting tolerance, respect, empathy, compassion and acting in a charitable way according to the ethics of all world religions and of humanism.

    In ethics and in the inner experience,
    all great religions are fundamentally compatible:

    the compatibility approaches to identity
    on the highest levels, i.e.
    in the purest form of ethics
    and in mystical experience.

    Carl Friedrich v. Weizsaecker


A center to promote the consciousness of responsibility for the emerging unity of humanity in appreciation of its variety.

    The whole of humanity is as one body,
    and no nation, race, or community can be
    considered as a separate part of humanity.
    As the health and happiness of the body
    depends on each of its particles being in
    good condition so the happiness and peace of the whole world and the people therein depend on the condition of one another.
    And if part of the body is in pain, sooner or later the whole body is affected. How can it be otherwise between nations (or religions)?
    Hazrat Inayat Khan