Mazdayasna -
the Religion of Zarathushtra

A nearly forgotten faith, threatened by becoming extinct, the wisdom of which may be as important for the rescue of our planet today as it was for the mystics and founders of religions in the past - maybe even more so.

To You, O Divine Powers,
Gaush Urva [ earth] cried out in anguish:
'For whom have You brought me into being?
Who shaped me? Wrath and rapine, aggression
and violence crush me.
No one is my protector except You, O Lord,
so reveal to me the caring herdsman. ... 

                               O Ahura, grant Zarathushtra and his followers eminence and Sovereignty through Truth.
                               May they establish a peaceful and happy existence through the Good Mind'.
                               Zarathushtra said:  
Where are Truth, Good Mind and the Sovereignty?
                              O man, accept the new teaching of enlightenment offered by Mazda as a sacramental duty.
                              And You, O Ahura, come to our aid in return for our praise and worship of You'.

                              Gathas of Avesta, Yasna 29

From the Scriptures of the Religion of Zarathushtra:

Unity in Variety  
Inner and outer Temple