is the focus of my life.

As a veteran of the Vietnam War I am intimately aware
of the roots of violence -
one of these roots is ignorance.

Ignorance leads us to believe
that we are separate from each other.

Ignorance prevents us in these moments
from living the interconnected reality of all that is.

Claude AnShin AnGyo Thomas

born November 1947 in Pennsylvania, is a remarkable Vietnam combat veteran who became a Zen Buddhist monk and an international peace activist.

English teatcher;
Master of the Shaolin-Kung-Fu- and Hop-Ki-Do-Tradition

Attentivity praxis, transformation and reconciliation;
different Peace aktivities: a
ttentivity sretreats f.e.
on the road, at memorial places and in concentration camps;
public sit-in and walk meditations;

AnShin is the founder of a nonprofit organization that promotes peace and nonviolence:

Zaltho Sangha
Zaltho Foundation of the
Zen Peacemaker Order in New York

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