Feedback concerning the project UNITHEUM

"When we view different religions as essentially instruments to develop a good heart - love
and respect for others, a true sense of community - we can appreciate what they have in common.
Therefore, I welcome the establishment of UNITHEUM as a centre that will give expression
to the essential unity of purpose of all religions and faiths, while encouraging appreciation
for the beauty and richness of religious diversity. It is by taking such practical steps that we can
actually make our world a happier, more peaceful
and more harmonious place for all humankind".

Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Dharamsala/India, May 19, 2004,

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"The plan to erect a 'UNITHEUM' building occurs very important to me.
Unfortunately I am, due to my age and some days befor my 90th birthday not able any longer
to give actively contribute to it. But I wish the best of success for this project".

Prof. Dr. Carl Friedrich von Weizsaecker +, Rott am Inn/Germany, May 28, 2002,
physicist and philosopher

"UNITHEUM is a project which has been founded with the intention of fostering mutual understanding and harmony between the world's great religious traditions, and it has our full moral support. It gives me pleasure to recommend this valuable initiative to your kind attention".

Pir Zia Inayat Khan, New Lebanon/USA, December 11, 2003,
President of the Sufiorder International

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"Living at a time when religions recognize the need for mutual support in the service of the One God  -- UNI-THEUM is a blessing. May its work serve to heal the pain we have inflicted on one another. May we together serve to heal our ailing planet".

Prof. em. Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Boulder/Colorado, June 3, 2004
founder and leader of the Jewish Renewal Movement, President of the Spiritual Eldering Institute

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"Please allow me to wish you as well as the project UNITHEUM on my behalf and on behalf of
Mr. Václav Havel a great success".

Václav Havel, playwright and ex-President of the Czech Republic, Prague, May 10, 2004,
transmited by his Secretary Jakub Hladik

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"As soon as one decide upon no longer emphasize the separating matters but the uniting ones instead, life begins to flow freely, because life means coming together. At those times when confidence-building measures are concerned above all, projects like the UNITHEUM are most urgent - for many people a resting-pole of remembering the pristine values of humane existence".

Timna Brauer, VOICES FOR PEACE, Vienna, March 16, 2004,
ensemble with Palestinian and Israeli


A wish for to reduce negativity

We are obliged to take care for and to protect this world,
the place that we humans call our home.
Thus why should we destroy any source of prosperity
of our world without any reason?

May the truth of all Buddhas of the ten directions help
to end off all such confused actions.
May the attitude of Love and Compassion increase
and spread abroad over the whole world.








Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, Nepal and India, Summer 2003

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"I feel entirely united with your attempt and desire to build a universal temple in the spirit of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and I wish you complete success".

Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan +, Suresnes/Paris, September 18, 2001
past President of the Sufi Order International

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"This is to express my whole-hearted support for the UNITHEUM project. Its realization in the heart of Europe will be a beacon of interfaith understanding and co-operation in the service of world peace.
The Golden Rule is a common foundation for religous people the world over. It is high time to inspire us all to practise our global ethic. Peace be with you."

Reverend Jelalludin Rudi Gelsey, Williamsburg, VA, September 17th, 2004
Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, USA

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"As a Zen Buddhist Monk my life is spiritually rooted and committed to ending war and violence and to establishing engaged projects which have the emphasis on the most important ingredient in this process, the
individual. To this end I support the efforts of UNITHEUM. May we embark together on a journey of ending war and truly living peace".

Claude AnShin Thomas, Florida/USA, August 17, 2004
Zen-Priest, Magnolia Zen-Zentrum, Mary Esther

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Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh Ji, Leader of the Sikh tradition
one of the keeper of the holy place of the Sikhs, The Golden Tempels in Amritsar, India
Chairman of the Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, Birmingham, England

gave His Blessings to the UNITHEUM
in Barcelona, August 2004,
during the Parliaments of World Religions

"Sincere gratitude for the act of seeing to the ideal of the Projekt UNITHEUM.
I approve of UNITHEUM with all my heart.
Anyway, if it will be possible to speek of one single religion
then surely in the meaning of the AllOne Love, which is boundless and unlimited".

Annette Kaiser, Author, T'ai Ji -, Qigong - and Sufiteacher, Wilderswil / Switzerland, October 29, 2006
Carrying on the Sufipath of the Naqshbandiyya Mujaddidiyya-Linie with special permission of Irina Tweedie.

"I am permitted to notify to you, that I greatly welcome your initiative and I hope,
you will be successfull in doing your project".

Prof. Justus Frantz, Pianist und Dirigent, Hamburg, 24. November 2006
Gründer und Leiter der Philharmonie der Nationen

"If Allâh willed, He would have made you one nation,
but that He may test you in what He has given you;
so strive as in a race in good deeds.
The return of you all is to Allâh;
then He will inform you about that in which you used to differ.
(Qur'an 5:48)

"We think, the UNITHEUM may become a place, where people with different religious backgrounds may become acquainted with each other and they may "vie one with another towards all that is good". Il am pleased at every endeavour, to create a room, a place, where we may adore, praise and implore the Lord of the Worlds side by side, mutual - where we could have time in order to have a premonition and feeling for the unity of the Creation.

May ,,the House" will become material soon and will be benedicted - inscha'ALLAH."

Schech Bashir Ahmad Dultz, president of the Deutsche Muslim-Liga, Bonn, 1. Ramadan 1427 (Sep. 9, 2006)
Sheikh of the Sufiorder Tariqah As-Safinah

"Thank you from the depth heart that you remmember us
we are ready for any help
we hope to see you in the holy land
In service of the One who leads us towards peace in the world,
yours sincerely jiries mansour"

Father Antoniazzi Ilario and Deacan Jiries Mansour, Greek Catholic Church,
Interfaith Encounter Association, Rama Vilage / Israel, July 20, 2004

Mother Meera confirmed
Her support to the UNITHEUM
at Dezember 27, 2004.

Mother Meera is regarded as an Avatar (inkarnation) of the Divine Mother -
the silence revelation of the Divine Love

Amma, H.H. Sri Mata Amritanandamayi,
gave Her Blessings to the UNITHEUM at October 21, 2004.
Gandhi-King Peace Avard 2002;
as one of the third main representaivvi women of Hinduism
nominatetd by the Parliament of Worldreligions in 1993

"His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji of Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Mysore, India, was greatly impressed with the goals and charter of UNITHEUM. It encompasses
the unified aspirations and purpose of the humanity to peacefully coexistence as cohabitatants in
pursuit of independent belief systems and faith.

Sri Swamiji prays the Almighty to give courage, strenght, spirit and zeal to all those involved
in the project to achieve the intended goals.

OM Shanti, Sri Guru Datta"
Mysore, March 30, 2006


"The arches and spires of medieval cathedrals still bear impressive witness to the faith and courage of the communities that built them. May the UNITHEUM bear a similar witness for our time: May we have faith in what unites us and courage to work for that unity-in-diversity on which true peace is built.
Many blessings for your fine work, your brother David".


Brother David Steindl-Rast, Elmira NY/ USA, May 26, 2005
Benedictine monk and pioneer in Christian-Buddhist dialogue


"With great interest I have read about your vision.
Our world would look different, if there are more initiativs
which will promote social life of man on the base of common value
and peaceful cooperation.
Of cause I will take advantage of our next meeting in spring
to inform the Round Table about your project".

Dr. Alfred Weil, honorary councillor of the German Buddhistic Union,
umbrella organization of Buddhists and Buddhistic groups in Germany,
member of the
„Round Table of theReligions in Germany" , Erzhausen, Januar, 2005

"By the crisis of human values which can be watched globally, a return to religion takes place as an element of establishing meaningfulness. It is part to the essence of every religion to claim the absolute. This forces us to think about how people of religions with different views of life can live together in peace. Consequently, beyond the absolute in religious sphere, there exists a duty towards peace to unfold patterns of religious pluralism and to work for their acceptance by all religions. There is no such thing as a world ethics, for each religion has it's own ethics. But it must be possible by encounter and dialogue to come to an agreement on ideals and symbols of a world peace based on religious pluralism".

Prof. Dr. Bassam Tibi, political scientist, Harvard/Goettingen, June 18, 2002,
resident of the department of international relationships, university of Goettingen/Germany

"Of course I approve of the aims of your association as you stated them in par. 2,1 (of the statutes). The problem arises as to the realization in par. 2,2: However much as one and all would wish to have such a building, nevertheless it seems unrealistic to me to collect the necessary millions of money for it. From my own experience I know how difficult this is. In addition, some of the potential donators will have problems with 'common universal worships' interpreting these as syncretism. This needs not be so, but still it has to be taken into account".

Prof. Dr. Hans Kueng, 'ecumenical theologian', President of the World Ethics foundation, March 14, 2002

Question: Which geographical location would you advice for the building of the UNITHEUM?

"Your purpose is marvellous and the architect Thurn-Valsassina is ideal for its realisation.
For my sense one can find the supreme at any place. It es only important how to handle the place
in a right geomantical manner.

I hope for the success of your intention and I would like to help you if it will be possible for me
to take out time. With my best regards!“

Marko Pogacnik, moulding artist and geomanticist, October 18, 2001

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"There is a great need of understanding and 'uni-fication' between the religions especially because of the religious conflicts, which are ruling the course of events in the world at this time. A room and a ritual which are open to the devotees of all religions may create a spiritual union which can be lived and experienced with all senses which is often only being implored by words... It is timely to set a symbolic sign for the real spiritual source of unity which forms the basis of all diverse ways of expression in a period in which the world will be closely connected informationally, politically and economically even more".

Prof. Dr. Guenter Nitschke - Prof. Bettina Langner-Teramoto, Kyoto/Japan, December 26, 2001
Institute for East Asian Architecture and Urbanism

"In the face of the unpredictable brutality nobody can be permitted to think that religion is none of his business. Nations have come together more closely politically and economically and also by communication through the internet. And, what's much more important, the different religions as well have begun to respect each other and to open up mutually. An escalation of affairs might not only put at stake the preceding steps but might also hit each of us, irrespective of religion, nationality or ethnic group, as it was shown by the 9-11 events.
The UNITHEUM, encompassing all world religions, would serve as a location of 'religio', a place of reconsideration on the origin, the essentials, not only in respect to religion but rather to the human being as such. An inter-religious sacred building would offer an opportunity to seekers, to perceive that the essence of the various religions has always been one and the same. This realization could be, so to speak, a quantum leap within the spiritual evolution of mankind. It is the foundation on which 'unity and justice and liberty' may move forwards unimpeded to the welfare of all beings.
I am sure that this vision will soon become reality, and also, that the symbol of unity and liberty, emerging from this place, will cause an echo with other peoples and religions".

Horst Reinhard Siegert +, detective chief inspector, Hanover/Germany, October 25, 2001

"Let's be realistic:
demand, promote and live the (im-) possible".

Roswitha Kandel, communal nurse, Hanover/Germany, 2002

"I would like to extend my best wishes, greetings and prayers for a great success. Let this project meet its goal and unite people of different faith. May God bless us all".

Sushil Koirala, medical student, Chengdu, Sichuan/China, July 11, 2004
Peace Campaign for Nepal

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"I will start to share your information on UNITHEUM where ever I can for it is so very inspirational! I will give special thought to your project. I was thinking that I wanted to use some of the information of the CD - that which is used to help with donations for the Hope Project. I wanted to do something similiar for Unitheum. I'm sure this would help me promote the project in the United States".

Christopher T. Clarke, Ph. D., Missouri/USA, June 19, 2002