Marko Pogacnik

Moulding Artist and Geomanticist

Marko Pogacnik born in Kranj, Slovenia in 1944; graduated as sculptor on the Academy of fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1967. From 1965 till 1971 he worked as a member of an international art group called OHO, in the fields of alternative art, conceptual art and land-art. Exhibitions include Information Show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York , 1970 and Paris Biennalle 1971.

In 1971 he has together with his family and friends founded a rural and artistic community, the "Šempas family" in Slovenia. This existed up to 1979. Exhibitions by the Family include Trigon 1977 in Graz and the Venice Biennalle of 1978.

Since 1979 he has been engaged in geomantic and Earth healing work. In the mid 80-s he has developed a method of Earth healing similar to acupuncture by using stone pillars and positioning them on acupuncture points of the landscape. He called it "lithopuncture".

The same kind of projects he performed all over the world for healing nature- and city-landscapes, which effects more harmony of this areas, for example the castle park in Köln-Türnich / Germany, at the border near by Londonderry / Northern Ireland and in Salzburg / Austria. During the last years more and more Marko Pogacnik occupied himself with global Earth healing projects like global and continental landscape temples .

In 1991 he has designed the official coat of arms of the newly constituted Republics of Slovenia. He is Initiator of an Israel-Palestina peace project.

He is living with his wife Marika in Šempas, Slovenia. They have three daughters and three grand children. It is a great pleasure for him to work within a family team. His wife Marika is helping him with carving of stone needles for our lithopuncture projects. Two of his daughters and colaborators, Ajra Miaka und Ana Pogacnik, are working with angel energy as spiritual healers. The messages of the Earth healing Angel Devos are of fundamental importance to their work. Marko Pogacnik, as well as his daughters, has published several books. Also in seminars and workshops he is transmitting his knowledge.

Enduring Peace
in comprehension with the Feminine Principle

The feminine principle is a cyclical principle. Death, changing and war are not excluded like it is in a masculine system which always fights for peace, and produces war. Peace do not means "to make peace", but peace is the recognation that everything what does not be rooted deep in the earth and high in the spirit always will come across with difficulties, in changing, death and war. This belongs to the feminine wisdom: only by inner transformation one may attain to peace. If once the inner peace will be attained, the outer peace among people and peace between humans and nature, and earth can arise also. Otherwise peace only will be superficial - a masculine strive for control.

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