Sushil Koirala

is a pacifist and is deeply influenced by the principle of non-violence propounded by Gandhi and Martin Luther King. The principles of those great leaders are equally relevant today. The violence has escalated and wars are going on since soon after the September 11th tragic incident. Meanwhile Nepal is facing a series of violence and ongoing war since the inception of Maoist insurgency in 1996. The country is facing political crisis on one hand while the violent activities by Maoists have paralyzed the country. So, Sushil Koirala personally feels responsible to do his duty towards the nation as far as he can.

Presently, he is a medical student in West China Medical Center, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan province, China. He has volunteered in youth clubs and several organizations in Nepal and even presently is co-operating with Nepalese at home and abroad for the betterment, freedom and peace.

Koirala has several hobbies and interests. He likes traveling very much and community service has always become an important part or agenda of his life. So, though he is abroad every incident of violence and crisis in Nepal become matter of deep concern for him. His actions are and will be dedicated to peace by peaceful means. He is open minded person and would be glad to discuss on several issues particularly on present situation of Nepal.

Koirala is of the opinion that the present political stalemate and ongoing violence in Nepal should be solved by peaceful negotiations. As far as he believes it is very difficult if not impossible for a ceasefire, hold peace talks and reach a solution until people come to the street and demand for lasting peace.

A letter from him

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