Building the UNITHEUM
is a community work

A Call for Donations

People who are enthusiastic about this idea and want to contribute to this project, can give their talents or contributions in money or material to create a sacred place, in which the spirituality of the future can be made available to all those people who are looking for it.

In teamwork we will succeed in creating
this manifest symbol of unity

Help for decision to find out your special way to financial support
for this non-profit peace project

each day 1 Euro / £ / $, 50 Cent or 20 Cent ...

the financial equivalent of 1, 2 or 3 working hours the month

that money I will save,
if I will reduce or stop smoking / alkohol / sweets. . .

1% of my salary

single donation / a big amount of money

benefit performance/ tombola / auction or sale of material donations ...

spend the money your get on your birthday or jubilee

! ! !   Please co-ordinate all personal actions  ! ! ! 
It is a joint undertaking, and uncoordinated initiatives
could lead to unintended problems.

in support of the project can be transfer
without fee to:

Int. Bank Acc. Numb.: DE 39 4306 0967 2024 2031 00
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank –
BIC (Bank Identif. Code): GENODEM1GLS

The purpose of the association Unitheum e.V. is non-profit making.
Membership fees and donations are tax-deductible in Germany.

Support by membership

If you'd like to join the association, you can download the membership application form as a rich text file.
Please make a print-out and fill in all the necessary data plus your signature before sending it to us.
The application will only be valid if filled in completely without changing the wording.
(Right-click your mouse and choose save as...)

Excerpts from the statutes

Contact and donations in USA
Moinuddin Chr. T. Clarke, Imperial / Missouri