Association UNITHEUM e.V.

Up to now the Universal Worship has been being celebrated in private or rented rooms only. But then a vision came to have a public center in the middle of Germany. In this center, Universal Worships and inter-religious seminars, congresses and concerts might take place periodically. Spiritual service to the fellowman could be shared in the spirit of unity of humanity. The desire was kindled in our hearts to coordinate and to ensure the realization of such a project.

A registered non-profit association now is responsible for this project, whose members may belong to different spiritual traditions - or none. The association is politically neutral and non-confessional, - it is not a new religious sect. To strengthen the feeling of community and solidarity, the members of the association shall engage themselves in more togetherness and responsibility between all religions without giving up their own faith. The understanding of the convictions of other people can lead to a firmer faith and a deeper understanding of one's own religion. The break with 'religio' - the renunciation from Holiness - leads to a decline of ethical and moral standards.

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