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The Estate

     The Lay of the Land

       As possible, the estate should:

       have a minimum size of 20.000 - 30.000 mē

                  be situated in the middle of Germany
             prefered cities:
     •  Cologne / Bonn
                                      Wiesbaden / Bad Nauheim / Mainz


    lay at the foot of a hill
    perhaps with an old stock of trees;
                        on the outskirts of a town / green belt

    be easy to reach by train and car
    be visible from the road for inviting visitors to come

Regional building material will integrate the buildings into the landscape. Nearby there will be a pond, a creek and/or a fountain as well as seating corners and separate and discreet places for meditation.

As the prices of real estates are very high, we shall depend on a gift, copyhold and/or on support by communities.

We trust in finding or receiving a site that will be the right one.