Building Site Maintenance Realization

Planning of a  in Germany
- a   e u r o p e a n  p r o j e k t -


A place for prayer, of silence and reflection,
for becoming aware of the essential things in our daily lives

    A place in which the sacred will be noticeable and visible

                   •   periodical Universal Worships and Cosmic Celebrations
                       in honor and respect of all world religions


    Promoting the consciousness of unity for humanity in our world

                   •  a meeting place for meditating people and seekers from all spiritual traditions
                       who feel attracted to the ideal of unity

                   •   national and international congresses, seminars and meetings on topics of the
                       Spirituality of the Future. For example: 'Unity and peace between religions' –
                       'Liberty and global responsibility' – 'United with all creation'

                  •   library with Holy Scriptures of the world religions and wisdom teachings
                      of the different traditions

                  •  a training place for persons who celebrate the Universal Worship


    A place of sympathetic relation and support,
    for more togetherness and greater humanity

                    •   a place of power, joy and beauty
a center of contact, dialogue and information

                   •   a place of an acting community
service of pastoral work and several social activities for those in need

          and whatever else may prove necessary after beginning the work.


In order to attain the possible
we have to try again and again the impossible.

Hermann Hesse