Usage Building Site Realization

Supervision of the center

open for all visitors

contact persons
in the information center

regular Universal Worships

congresses, seminars, cultural events


Persons who live nearby and identify with the purpose of the UNITHEUM will be responsible for the different tasks in the center and will ensure an active presence. Their duties will be to open the UNITHEUM for visitors, to be available for help and questions, to hold or coordinate regular worships, and to organize congresses, seminars and cultural events as well as performing the other above mentioned services.


Costs for maintenance

membership fees

contribution fees of events

solar-generated electricity

The regular costs for the maintenance of the center could be covered by a foundation, by contributions and/or fees of events. An alternative water- and power supply will not only help to reduce the costs but also make a contribution to environmental protection, because surplus solar-generated electricity would be fed into the distribution system.