Building the UNITHEUM
is a communal work

"It is such a beneficial cause for the human beings,
that I hope I can be somehow useful to this project".

Bettina Langner-Teramoto, architect, Kyoto/ Japan

People who are enthusiastic about this idea and want to contribute to this project, can give their talents or contributions in money or material, to create a sacred place, in which the spirituality of the future can be made available to all those people who are looking for it.


For the financing of the UNITHEUM we need people to participate

     •   who have connections to persons, who work within
          the fields of science, business, politics, sports or culture,
          who carry in their hearts the desire for unity of religions
          and peace in the world and the wish for support.
     •   who know someone who knows someone ...,
          with whom we could get in touch.

     •   who organize events for collecting money.

     •   who want to help with their working-skills, contributions, or time..

in support of the project can be transfer
without fee to:

Int. Bank Acc. Number: DE 39 4306 0967 2024 2031 00
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank –
BIC (Bank Identif. Code): GENODEM1GLS

! ! !  Please co-ordinate all personal actions
! ! !
It is a joint undertaking and uncoordinated
initiatives could lead to unintended problems.

If you like to become a  member  of the association or/and
wish to offer your
 assistance please contact:

Himmelsstieg 13a
Eingang Sonnenstieg
37085 Göttingen
Tel: 0551-2813143 

Contact and donations in USA:
Moinuddin Chr. T. Clarke, Imperial / Missouri